About Vizion

Programmatic Marketing and Media Performance

Vizion is pioneering the use of data-driven tools of programmatic marketing to drive successful campaigns for a range of prescription and OTC products. By coupling deep pharmaceutical marketing experience with the targeting capability of new technologies, the experienced healthcare marketing professionals at Vizion have built a process that squeezes every ounce of efficiency out of every dollar you invest in your brand. And that’s why we call ourselves — the programmatic healthcare agency.

Massive Media ROI

Media spending and performance is continuously optimized with Vizion’s programmatic media engine. Within days of launching a brand campaign, we’re able determine exactly which media placements are producing the highest performance based on pre-defined KPIs. Your budget is then re-directed away from the low performers as we double-down on the highest performing strategies to achieve even greater ROI for your brand.

Higher Value Targets

Your brand message is delivered right to the customers searching for it. With access to a wide range of data providers Vizion is able to target your ideal prospect with an exquisite level of detail. We find customers who have searched for products like yours, read content related to your category, or use a competitor’s brand. We then serve them your messaging across digital, mobile, social and video channels.

Most Effective Advertising

Brand engagements that click with your customers starts with the most relevant and persuasive messaging. With Vizion’s analytics, we’re able to identify top performing units in a matter of hours, phase out the underperformers, and begin testing new ones with finely-tailored, responsive messaging in order to drive the highest possible performance for your campaign.

The story of Vizion can be neatly told by the stories of the individual partners that form its core.
Together, Eric, Peter and Peter are the powerhouse that is Vizion: strategy, technology and creativity all integrated to the point at which it’s impossible to distinguish where one begins and the other leaves off. The partners at Vizion will tell you it doesn’t matter, as long as it’s effective. An impressive list of happy clients are quick to agree.

Eric Malter
Founding Partner – Marketing Strategies

Eric has worked in the healthcare agency business for more than 40 years, including the healthcare divisions of Young & Rubicam, Ogilvy & Mather, and BBDO/Omnicom. While his early agency years were spent on the creative side, he was ultimately drawn to the account services and strategic planning aspects of agency life, and founded Medical Database Communications, Inc. in 1994 and Vizion Advertising, LLC in 2017.

With his extensive healthcare database marketing experience, Eric perfectly positions Vizion at the center of the powerful world of programmatic media and marketing, and is providing clients with outstanding ROI on their marketing investments.

  • Agency experience: Robert A. Becker, William Douglas McAdams, Sudler & Hennessey, Wesson Cohen Neglia, Rolf Werner Rosenthal, Lavey/Wolff/Swift
  • Brand experience: From antibiotics to xerostomia, and everything in between
  • BA, Mass Communications from the University of South Florida

  • Peter Niemi
    Partner – Programmatic Platforms

    Peter has long been a leader in the digital marketing field and his diverse background in the areas of business, technology and marketing add up to the ideal skill set to harness the power of programmatic media and marketing tools on behalf of Vizion’s healthcare industry clients. In partnership with the global advertising technology company Media Math he has helped establish Vizion as The Programmatic Healthcare agency, and has directed several highly successful campaigns for prescription and over-the-counter brands.

    Peter started his career at the Grey Healthcare Group, joined Torre Lazur McCann as CIO in 2000, and went on to co-found a hybrid technology-advertising agency called Hyphen, an Omnicom company. In addition to his experience he has consulted with a number of entrepreneurial ventures including Media Math, DoctorCom, and Impactia.

  • Agency experience: Grey Healthcare Group (Grey), Torre Lazur McCann (Interpublic), Co-founder of Hyphen (Omnicom), Flashpoint (Omnicom)
  • MBA at Columbia Business School, BA in English Literature at Columbia

  • Peter Zamiska
    Partner – Brand Experiences

    Peter is a high level creative veteran with over thirty years of experience in healthcare advertising. He brings extensive experience from his leadership roles at some of largest healthcare agencies in the world, launching big brands like Celebrex, Aricept and Zyrtec for Pfizer in both professional and consumer markets.

    A disciple of target marketing and digital media, Peter is exploiting the extraordinary precision of programmatic tools to target ideal customers and deliver the most relevant brand experiences. With his extensive creative expertise from digital to broadcast media, he is providing clients with more effective advertising across web, tablet and mobile screens.

  • Agency experience: Lyons, Lavey, Nickel and Swift, Vizion Advertising, Viacom FCB, Cementworks, Commonhealth
  • Brand experience: Aricept (launch), AZT, Celebrex (launch), Citracal, Ecotrin, Femstat, Fosomax, Lactaid, Listerine, Opti-Free, Toradol, Plavix, Prevacid, Similac, Spiriva, Splenda, Valtrex, Zocor, Zoloft, Zyrtec (launch)
  • BFA from the School of Art at the University of Michigan