Programmatic Healthcare

The Vizion Process

In the planning stages of a campaign Vizion works with clients to evaluate the market and the scope of the opportunity. We evaluate the competitive landscape, define sales goals and then align budgets and tactics accordingly.

To find your target audiences (and we will) we need to know who they are. This is rarely a simple question with a single answer. At this stage we define the professional and consumer targets for a brand. The good news is that no matter how diverse your audience may be, we can create effective approaches to reach them all. Using your first party customer data coupled with third party data from a wide range of sources, we reach an engage with them at scale.

Once we know our targets we create messaging that appeals to them at all stages of the adoption cycle. Different customers respond to different messages, and as they move up the value chain from brand aware to brand loyal their needs change. Vizion Creative crafts timely messages that resonate with each audience and move them to take action.

When it’s time to launch a campaign we turn to the tools of modern marketing for message delivery. Simply put, we identify the greatest number of highest value targets at the lowest possible cost. We employ data-driven solutions for a fragmented media landscape across inventory in display, FBX, search, video, and mobile sources.

With the goals set and the campaign launched, we analyze the results constantly. Regardless of how well a campaign is performing towards its goals we are always looking for improvements. We review targeting strategies looking for new opportunities. We scrutinize creative units, increasing the use of top performers, phasing out underperformers and testing new ones based on insights gleaned from the data. We monitor the market climate and the competition’s activity for any changes that may affect our approach.

Measurable Success

Whether you need to (measurably) drive brand awareness, maximize conversions - or achieve massive targeted reach for a specific message, we tailor every campaign to the specific needs of the brand. Vizion works with clients to define the success metric and craft the strategy to go with it. We evaluate how well your campaign is tracking towards your goals. We constantly look for ways to improve your results and optimize to that goal dynamically. And when your goals change (and they always do), our approach changes. We respond quickly to market forces and the evolution of your brand. We adjust the goals to suit the ever-changing marketing climate.

Professional and DTC

At Vizion we work with professional content publishers to connect brands with prescribers/recommenders. Through the targeting capability of programmatic media, we couple the professional approach with the ability to reach consumers across a huge supply of media inventory. The result is a continuously optimized media and message mix that keeps your brand front of mind with every stakeholder that contributes to its uptake and ultimate success.

Case Study

Overview: Vizion was the agency for a brand launch that needed to get into a mid-sized market fast. The target analysis showed a need to address several different audience segments.

Challenge: This launch was a prescription product entering a category dominated by a large OTC. Additionally the audience is fragmented across many different disease states and demographics.

Solution: By positioning the product as a “prescription-strength” solution Vizion helped the perception of the brand rise above that of the market leader. Using our data targeting capabilities we delivered the brand message to a wide range of high value audiences at great scale and efficiency. Once the baseline performance goals were met we looked for other pockets of inventory to expand the brand penetration.

Results: At launch Vizion was able to key in on the best performing targets and messages within days to maximize the efficiency of the media spend in driving consumers with intent to try the product. The brand reached its stretch goals within three weeks of launch and currently the campaign is running at three times those goals, which were defined at implementation. As an added benefit using third party data Vizion was able to identify and target users of competitive as well as complementary products and deliver differentiation messages tailored specifically for those audiences.